Why Teva Generics

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As the largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world with more than 100 years of experience, Teva understands the importance of making safe and quality medications affordable and accessible. 

Did you know that one out of every seven generic prescriptions in the United States is filled with a Teva medication?1 Teva offers the largest line of generic prescription medications, and every one is FDA approved and meets the highest standards of quality. Plus, we continually invest in quality, manufacturing, and Research and Development processes, so you can rest assured that the company and products you've placed your trust in today will continue to be there for you and your family tomorrow.

Why? Because we make quality healthcare accessible—here and around the world—so you can live your life.

The next time you need a prescription, ask your doctor or pharmacist for a Teva generic.

1. IMS Health NPA Data as of MAT June 2014