About Teva Generics

About Teva Generics

As the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the country, Teva Pharmaceuticals understands the importance of making safe, quality medications accessible—and affordable. That's why we manufacture and market the most expansive portfolio of FDA-approved generic products in the United States, aggressively pursue research and development efforts, and have the largest generic pipeline of products waiting to receive FDA approval to market.1

One in six of the 3.3 billion generic prescriptions written in the United States is filled with a Teva product.11 This makes better healthcare accessible by saving the consumer an average of $50 per prescription.2

Teva's extensive operations are headquartered outside of Philadelphia Pa., and include more than 8,000 employees in close to 30 facilities across North America.1 Our generic products include a wide variety of therapeutic options, ranging from cardiovascular, anti-infective, central nervous system, anti-inflammatory, oncolytic, anti-diabetic, analgesic, and dermatologic  to respiratory and women's health, with dosage forms including tablets, capsules, injectables, creams, ointments, inhalants, solutions, and suspensions.  

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Israeli-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the global leader in generics and one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

Teva Pharmaceuticals. Live your life.

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