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    As the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the country, Teva Pharmaceuticals' medications are dispensed in one out of every seven generic prescriptions filled in the U.S.*, making safe, quality medicines accessible and affordable.

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    *IMS Health NPA Data as of MAT June 2014

  • About Teva Generics

    With more than 110 years of experience, Teva is the largest manufacturer of generic drugs in the world. You can be sure that every Teva prescription medication meets our high manufacturing standards.

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  • Smart-Health.com

    Your smart resource for information about generic drugs! Learn more about generics, find alternatives to your current medications, and receive alerts on new Teva generics and tips for safeguarding your family's health.

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  • Teva in the Community

    Teva is pleased to be an active member of our many communities and proudly supports exceptional charities and events that improve lives. From disaster relief to community partnerships and sponsorships, we believe progress is made by giving back.

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